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Testimonials: Testimonials

Lauren G.
Boston Marathon Qualifier, Novo Nordisc Athlete 2015-2017, Diabetes Sports Project 2020--.

Kevin has been coaching me since 2015 and helped me qualify for Boston in 2016. His coaching isn’t just a training plan he sends each week, but a tailored course to build your aerobic capacity and a keen sense of support to help prepare you to be mentally strong. Running the long miles to train for a marathon can often lead to injury if mileage or speed is increased too quickly. Some of this is also related to runners being so eager to improve. I’m one of those eager runners, but Coach O knows me well and I’m proud to say I haven’t ever had a running injury. One of the best parts of working with him is being able to chat through race strategy and knowing his advice will help me perform at my peak. We also have conversations about setting goals or discussing dream races. I always leave those conversations feeling so inspired. If you want to take your running to the next level, I highly recommend hiring Coach O to guide you to achieving your goals.

"Before even getting started Coach O and I met up so he could get to know my running history and goals. The time he took upfront to listen showed me how much he really cares about his athletes. I enjoy the variety and challenges in my weekly running schedule. I'm getting faster and feeling stronger! Thanks Coach O for helping me reach my goals!"


"I’ve run 8 marathons plus more half marathons. I’m a seasoned runner. I decided I wanted to set a PR so I signed up for personalized coaching services with Coach O. It’s been a great experience to have someone to discuss my specific training issues with. Coach O is skilled at personalizing and adjusting training to meet my individual needs! I’m so glad I signed up!"


"While no one can do the actual work for you, Coach O is the person who will help you get there, and make the work manageable. My experience with him is relative to getting back on track after a debilitating injury. Coach’s direct and simultaneous encouraging manner, has helped me achieve progress that I didn’t think was achievable. I’m encouraged everytime I work with him. His dedication is proven in his willingness to meet at any time or place to accommodate the requirements of the athlete. 100% absolutely recommend."


Testimonials: Testimonials


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